Infant Car Seat Cover Patterns

infant car seat cover patterns

Show Your Personality with Car Seat Covers

Choosing a seat cover out of all of the styles and colors that are available can be challenging. After all, how do you know which one best suits your car or your personalityc Because there are so many options, it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down your choices to just one.

Here are some tips to help you quickly arrive at a decision regarding which seat cover is best for you:

Match the interior of your car (or not):

You can choose to purchase a set of seat covers that corresponds with the color of your vehicles interior. Or you can choose a color or pattern that contrasts with the interior of your vehicle to make your seats stand out from the rest of the car. Whichever option you choose, just be sure that you are happy with the look of the end result.
Opt for a sports team set of seat covers:

Just about everyone has a favorite sports team and some of us like to show that love wherever we go. Team memorabilia is a great way to not only show your love for your favorite sports team, but to also make sure your vehicles interior stands out from everyone elses. Protect your cars interior and promote team spirit with a colorful set of sports themed seat covers.

Base your seat cover decision on your favorite hobby:

Most people have a favorite hobby or pastime. Depending on what yours is, you might consider getting a set of seat covers that reflects that love. Good examples of this might be billiards-themed seat or hunting-themed seat covers. These seat covers not only protect your car seats, but they serve as an excellent conversation starter.

Because there are so many different styles and patterns, matching the seat cover to your favorite color or favorite hobby is a great way to narrow the choices down. Also, since seat covers are fairly inexpensive, you can purchase more than one set and change them out whenever you want a new look for your car.

About the author: Dan Bodrero owns a manufacturing business selling nearly every make and model of car seat cover or auto accessory. Each custom seat cover is hand crafted from quality materials and is guaranteed to protect your automobile and fit securely and snugly.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Does anyone know where to find a FREE Fleece Car Seat Cover pattern?
    I'm trying to find a pattern for a fleece cover for an infant car seat... the only ones I'm finding are pre-made or you can buy the pattern on Ebay... does anyone know of a link to a craft page or something that has a free one? Thanks~

    • ANSWER:
      This might be what you are looking for:
      Cuddle Buddies Baby Car Seat Cover & Diaper Stacker

    Does anyone know how to sew an infant car seat cover, or where I can find a free pattern?
    I don't want one that goes over the car seat like a net, I want to replace the current cover.
    Thanks for all the answers. I ended up taking the old one off and using it as a pattern. It was hard but it worked. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I just want to let you know that you may void your warranty and/or any liability from the manufacturer if you do not use a replacement cover from the manufacturer. I do not know if you are aware of this or not but I just wanted to share what I know. I do not want to disappoint you (I know I was disappointed when I found out but was glad someone told me about it). I would look into it further though for the brand of seat that you have to be sure. Good luck. :)

    How to make a infant car seat cover?
    I have a car seat that i used with my first two daughters. I now have a son and wanted to change the pattern on the car seat. I wold like to make a cover since they are selling on ebay for about and at that price, i could buy a new seat instead. Anyone know how i can make a new car seat cover and canopy part too? Any lnks would be helpful too! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Good idea. I know they sell custom covers on and sometimes people who sew will post their patterns and sell those too for cheap. You can post a request on etsy and ask people to send you a car seat cover pattern.

    Does anybody know where I can find a pattern to sew a canopy for an infant car seat?
    I made an infant car seat cover using a pattern I found at the store but there isn't directions on how to make the canopy part of it for an infant car seat. I would really like to sew a canopy as well so that it matches the carseat. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Here are several sites for the pattern for the canopy.

    I'm looking for a pattern to make an infant car seat carrier cover.?
    The cover I am talking about is the kind that buttons onto the handle and tents down over the car seat. I've seen them for sale, but I'd like to make one myself.

    • ANSWER:
      I tried looking online for you, but had no luck. They are relatively inexpensive though...

    Does anyone know how to make a Infant Car Seat Carrier Cover?
    My cousin is having a baby, and wanted to make a carseat cover for her. The cover that I am talking about is the one that goes over the top of the car seat, you can either zip it or there is a hole at the top. If so is there a pattern that I can purchase? And what are the dimensions for the fabric that I will need?.

    • ANSWER:
      You don't have to make one walmart sell them and i have seen some nice ones there they also come with insulation. Looney tunes, stripes, teddy bears, cute girl designs. some nice boys too. but if you want to make one go to the fabric store and explain it to one of the associates they should have how too papers there for just about everything also get some elastic linings you can but them pre cut or get them cut there. Walmart also sell great fabric and other sewing needs. GOOD LUCK

    Infant Car Seat Cover?
    I am looking for a pattern for car seat slipcovers. I received a car seat as a gift and it has a Winnie the Pooh cover, and woould like somthing more boyish. DOes anyone know where i can find a pattern to sew a slipcover for the car seat?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know for sure, but the first place I'd check would be a fabric store. Look through the pattern catalogs and see if they have something that'll work. I'd check Simplicity first, then McCall's. Of course, NewLook sometimes has this kind of thing.

      If you'd prefer, you could use Google or Dogpile and type "pattern child carseat slipcover" into the search box. If you get a lot of answers, refine your search.

      If the manufacturer of the carseat has a website, check there. They may have specialized patterns for covers just for their own seats.

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